!ntimacy series for AD magazine Evoking Through Design

Eragatory !ntimacy series publication for AD Magazine vol 86.
Evoking Through Design, Contemporary Moods in Architecture.

The edition entitled “Evoking through Design – Contemporary Moods in Architecture” speculates about novel conventions in the relationship of subject to object, and object to object, yielding the opportunity to observe the problem through a speculative lens. A set of architectural properties which in this universe of thinking, evoke moods. On the other hand, do objects by themselves have a mood? This edition of AD proposes this and other related questions for inquiry by a group of architects who´s work, intentionally or coincidentally, tackle the problem from the vantage point of Speculative Realism.

Contributors: Benjamin H. Bratton, Matias del Campo, Mario Carpo, Marjan Colletti, Eric Goldemberg, John McMorrough, Juhani Pallasamaa, Andrew Saunders, and Michael Young, Alisa Andrasek, Isaie Bloch / Eragatory, Mark Foster Gage, Michael Loverich, Jason Payne, Gilles Retsin, SPAN, Francois Roche and Camille Lacadee, and Roland Snooks.
Interview: Wolf D. Prix (Coop Himmelb(l)au)

Special thanks to guest Editor Matias del Campo