Eragatory @ Zaha Hadid Design gallery

Meta Utopia exhibition at the Zaha Hadid Design Gallery

"Meta Utopia - between process and poetry" brings together a group of emerging designers and architects working at the cusp of cutting edge fabrication techniques, pursuing and altering bespoke methods of design and manufacturing which are intrinsically linked to their strange and poetic physical results. The exhibition highlights a growing global network within contemporary architecture which actively defines a new way forward by re-conceiving and re-designing the tools and processes which help them to realise new possibilities.

Work by: Zaha Hadid Design, Eragatory, Bartlett GAD RC1 RC4 RC5, Gilles Retsin, Manuel Jimenes Garcia, Alisa Andrasek, Daghan Cam, Andy Lomas, Daniel Widrig, Stefan Bassing, Soomeen Hahm, Igor Pantic, Philippe Morel, Jelle Feringa

Curated by: Lei Zheng
photo credits: Mirren Rosie