Eragatory @ EU Make Shanghai

PROCESS is an exhibition on the evolving nature of the contemporary design methodologies and their various conceptual and material connotations. The inherent multidisciplinary character of these increasingly complex techniques is imminently placing morphogenesis at the core of a visionary approach to architecture and design. Self-organisation, cellular growth or fluid dynamics are only a few of the obvious correlations with nature, their digital manifestations transcending the conceptual and being expressed through craft and ingenuity in the making.
It is a showcase of process-based designs, installations and architectural experiments conceived through various systematic creative mechanisms, iterative geometric transformations or algorithmic techniques and materialised through cutting-edge fabrication technologies. From the analogue to the digital, from the rational to the poetic, from the numeric to the musical, the diversity of approaches illustrates the endless palette of their applications in architecture, design, fashion and art.

Special thanks to:

Sheng Cheng
Vlad Tenu
Simona Nastac
Michelle Zeng