Cutlery set

Cutlery refers to any hand implement used in preparing, serving, and especially eating food.

Aside of the functional aspect of tableware, silverware has always been and will perpetually be an ornamental figure. Conceived to pleasure the eye while fulfilling one of our most primary needs of food consumption and or squander. Cutlery is unique in its ability to sustain time and carries a remarkable family heritage. Sets of knifes, spoons, forks have been passed on from generation to generation all over the globe, traveling the whole world as a piece of personal history. Key elements while designing this set was the notion of decay/processing, ornamental and aesthetic excess as in former rococo and barock times, moments of collapse/disequilibrium and a balance in between etiquette dining and painful torture tools. By subverting the logic of perfection and beauty, non-perfect images coming from controlled methodologies were generated. What used to be about mastering the result of a non-perfect process is now about the production of monstrosity and the grotesque throughout very accurate mechanisms, like 3d printing. Which creates an unlimited range of possibilities concerning material usage, design approaches/aesthetics and form production.


fork - 26 * 187 * 16 mm
spoon - 42 * 188 * 17 mm
thee spoon - 30 * 137 * 13 mm
knife - 29 * 219 * 14 mm

Production material: 925 sterling silver or 18kt gold plated brass

for sale at Imaterialise and Shapeways